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Bankruptcy Issues in Arizona

Bankruptcy Issues in Arizona

bankruptcy issues in arizonaWhile a bankruptcy filing may seem like the best option for addressing your financial troubles, it’s not always going to be possible. You have to meet certain Arizona bankruptcy requirements in order to be granted a debt discharge.

If you are considering […]

How is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filed in Arizona?

How is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filed in Arizona?

chapter 7 bankruptcy filed in arizonaAre you discouraged because of financial challenges that you are facing? Do you feel like there is no hope for your financial future? You might be able to get a new start and get the […]

Misconceptions about Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona

What are Some Misconceptions About Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona?

If you are facing financial difficulty, you are probably wondering where to turn. You are considering bankruptcy, but you are afraid you will lose your home and car. Let’s clear some misconceptions about filing bankruptcy in Arizona. When you file bankruptcy, you might be able to keep […]

How Will My Spouse’s Bankruptcy Filing Affect Me?

How Will My Spouse’s Bankruptcy Filing Affect Me?

If you are married, you have to think about the impact your decisions will have on your closest people. Bankruptcy is one such major decision that will definitely affect your spouse and your children. Many people in Arizona are not sure about the way in which a spouse’s bankruptcy […]

Filing Bankruptcy When Unemployed in Arizona

Filing Bankruptcy When Unemployed

Financial struggles will make you look for all possible ways out of the situation. Bankruptcy is one of the options that Arizona residents consider when they’re overwhelmed by debt. The bankruptcy terms and conditions are often misunderstood and one common question focuses on whether filing bankruptcy when unemployed is possible.

Bankruptcy Chapters and […]

Best Effort Requirement in Chapter 13 bankruptcy

What is the Best Effort Requirement in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy makes a lot of sense for Arizona families that are experiencing debt and financial burden. If you are considering this chapter, you will need to acquaint yourself with the requirements. The best effort requirement in Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one of the essentials […]

Will Bankruptcy Affect Future Employment?

Will Bankruptcy Affect Future Employment?

So many questions will have to be answered before a bankruptcy filing! An important one focuses on employment and your chances of keeping a job or finding a new one in the future. So, will bankruptcy affect future employment?

People experiencing financial trouble worry that they may lose their job after the […]

Should You Liquidate Your Business before Filing Bankruptcy?

Should You Liquidate Your Business Before Filing Bankruptcy?

As a business owner, you face the challenging task of keeping personal and professional finances separated from each other. The challenge is particularly big for self-employed individuals and those who run a small or a home-based company. Once you find yourself in financial trouble, you’ll find it difficult […]

Does Bankruptcy Discharge Arizona State Tax Debt?

Does Bankruptcy Discharge Arizona State Tax Debt?

Arizona residents have to deal with an array of state taxes. These include a 37.3 percent property tax, a 12.3 percent income tax, sales and gross receipt taxes, as well as a corporate income tax. When a person finds themselves incapable of paying state taxes, debt will accumulate. If you’re […]

Is it Possible to Reopen a Bankruptcy Case?

Is it Possible to Reopen a Bankruptcy Case?

Upon the issuing of a discharge, your Arizona bankruptcy case is going to be closed. In certain circumstances, however, a bankruptcy case could be closed without a discharge. If this happens, you have the right to ask to reopen a bankruptcy case for court reconsideration.

Situations in Which it […]

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